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The Problem of Inequality: Stiglitz > Acemoglu > Piketty

The Problem of Inequality: Stiglitz > Acemoglu > Piketty Stiglitz, Acemoglu and Piketty have written prestigious books on inequality. Although Stiglitz’ book is better than the other two, all three authors offer an analysis, which are very flawed. Their policy … Continue reading

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Why Nations Fail according to Daron Acemoglu

Acemoglu and Robinson state that inclusive political institutions are critical for a high level of wealth of a nation; geography and culture are not. We closely reading their book “Why Nations Fail” I come to the conclusion that there is no clear definition of concepts and no careful analysis of the interrelationship between a number of principal variables, which might matter. Therefore this highly praised book is very disappointing. MIT, Harvard and A-publications are not a guarantee for quality. Continue reading

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