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What’s wrong with behavioural economics?

What’s wrong with behavioural economics? The next book of Ariely is about to be published. Since I was quite disappointed about two others of his books, I’m not motivated to read it. Fortunately this weekend the daily journal Trouw published … Continue reading

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Multidisciplinary Economics, A Methodological Account, Oxford: OUP, May, 2015

The most important misunderstanding in economics is the idea that orthodox economic theory, as we know from regular textbooks, offers an acceptable foundation for the study of real life economies. Orthodox economics, however, analyses the economic ASPECT, thereby – on … Continue reading

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Piet Keizer on Dan Ariely on Irrationality

Behavioural economics tries to add psychological elements to the orthodox-economic analysis. But their experiments and empirical research are unacceptable as long as their framework of interpretation is very unrealistic. Dan Ariely’s Predictably Irrational is a good illustration of this problem. Continue reading

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